Sunday, 23 November 2014

New site!

I revamped nati-art.com and my blog!

As you probably have noticed - if you sometimes visit my blog at Blogger - both my website/blog have experienced a complete transformation! I updated the site layout, and add my own domain...well, to be honest if you try to visit nati-art.com you are now redirected to my blog but I need to fix some things yet...cnames....argh! - technical suggestions are very much appreciated! Blogger Help Faqs aren't that intelligible :) - I suck at coding! -

Anyway, you can now leave a comment not just on my blog entries but also on my main gallery and illustrations! It is also easier to send me a personal message by using the contact form below.
I'm happy to receive feedback, if any :)

PS: for the few ones following my personal profile on Facebook, well, the profile is now deactivated. I just realized that - as an illustrator - I must focus myself on my personal website and ART sites more than social networks. Facebook is just so much 'not consistent' :)

Your comments and messages are always appreciated so, feel free to follow my new blog/site or my art galleries - links are in the right sidebar.

Thank you!

On  the other hand, I added new Paper Dolls to my shop!


Monday, 17 November 2014

Back to the past!

By popular request, few of my old illustrations are now available on my Etsy shop!

Beauty and the Beast - 2008
Markers, watercolor on paper

High Summer 1928 - 2009
Markers, watercolor, colored pencils on paper.

Sea Daughter - 2011
One of the nth sea girls I drew :) Pretty obsessed with this theme!
Markers, watercolor, colored pencils on paper

The Pierced Heart - 2007
Featured in 'Precious Things' art-book.
Markers, watercolor on paper